Director's Desk

Director's Desk

Mother Teresa had big dreams. She set out to change the world, one person at a time. Her work with the people she called “the poorest of the poor” her advocacy for human rights and her tireless faith and gentle demeanour made her Saviour known to thousands. But her grand goals were based on a simple commitment to give.
We at GSNB aim to serve and care patient not only for physical healing but would be praying for them to have peace of mind at rest at heart. We serve one person at a time.
We have different services as per the need of patient.

Profile of Mrs. Bharati Sasane- Director

Completed Nursing Training From

  1. - General Nursing course and Midwifery from Sassoon Hospital in 1978.

  2. - Worked as Staff Nurse in KEM Hospital- 10 yrs

  3. - Staff In-Charge for 5 yrs in Inlack and Budrani Hospital

  4. - As a Staff Nurse for 8 yrs in Red Cross.

  5. - Nurse in Philip’s Company 2 years

  6. - Association with Nurses Bureau since 1974.